Document Management

Document Management can be a high dollar investment in today's business environment. There are hundreds of software and hardware selections, tools, modules, application interfaces, plus the costs of integration. Most major corporations are on their second or third generation document management application and vendor. Many companies have two or more different document management systems in operation at the same time.

A vendor hosted web based document management solutions offers many advantages to a business including low costs of entry, rapid deployment using familiar browser based technology and normally requires less training for the individual user. There are no hardware or full time employee labor costs associated with a vendor hosted solution. There are monthly fees based on domain hosting, Gigabyte usage, and associated maintenance costs with a vendor hosted solution. Some of the disadvantages to a vendor hosted solution are the monthly fees that grow over time, internet bandwidth and access to databases. The costs to export the images from a host solution can be high.

In the internally host Document Management solution, you own your images but have many considerable upfront software, hardware, employee and training costs. Successful internal Document Management solutions take the right mix of consultants, value add resellers, vendors, infrastructure, employees and months to configure. The return on investment for internally hosted Document Management solutions is normally higher than web based solutions.

The foundation to a successful Document Management solution is a good Records Retention Policy. A well communicate Records Retention Policy, understood by C Level management, users and administered by a well managed office staff can produce reduced liability plus increased productivity. Educating the corporate users on the Records Retention Policy will cut down on unnecessary scanning cost and save paper in the future.

Most Document management software products in the market were design for specific purposes like document imaging, document management, and have grown by acquisition, struggling to integrate completely different technologies into a single product suite. Alero Technology, Inc., a San Diego, California based company has a comprehensive development framework that combines Enterprise Document Management (EDM), Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Business Process Management (BPM), Enterprise Content Integration (ECI), and Enterprise Information Integration (EII) technologies into a single product, under a uniform service-oriented architecture (SOA). By combining these technologies in a single product, Alero can help orchestrate the different systems of an enterprise into one single uniform system. The result is a true Enterprise Information Management environment that virtualizes the enterprise, allowing secure access to information that may come from one or multiple systems or from any place at any time.